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September 2020
  -  2020

Youth content, events and talent agency Amplify is excited to welcome Maddie Blackburn as an Event Producer. Maddie comes with over 6 years industry experience, working with internationally renowned clients both in Australia and overseas to create bespoke and awe-inspiring events.  Maddie is known for her passion in the industry, with dedication and attention to detail that is  reflected in every job, no matter how

A massive congratulations to Amplify’s Nat Alise for reaching 1m followers on TikTok. Nat started her family friendly TikTok channel to share her experiences as a single parent, and the everyday joys of raising two young kids. The Sunshine Coast local has accrued more than 61m likes on the platform, gaining hundreds of thousands of views every week to make her one of Australia’s top

Amplify Live is the leading producer for Australian Youth Entertainment. Our mission is to entertain, inspire creativity and bring joy, and we’re looking for a Creative Producer to join our growing organisation in Sydney.  As a member of our Content team, you will collaborate with internal and external partners to develop creative ideas, execute featured programming, and innovate new content formats. Through a combination

Australia’s leading youth talent agency Amplify has partnered with boohoo in Australia as part of the viral #itsfromboohoo TikTok challenge. The challenge involves TikTokers showing off their dance moves to the original ‘It’sfromboohoo’ song posted on the boohoo TikTok. Amplify engaged seven of Australia’s most popular young creators, including Cloutom, Sammy Purssey, Maddie Beazley, Dante Moeller, Ash Ross, and Millie & Chloe to amplify the

Amplify creators Lily Grace and Georgia Productions have partnered with global phone accessory company Casetify for a YouTube integration campaign. Both Lily and Georgia promoted Casetify in their popular YouTube channels, discussing the features of the cases, the brand’s eco-friendly biodegradable range, and Casetify's range of customisation options. Lily’s fun and engaging video was #Trending on YouTube after reaching more than a hundred thousand viewers

Youth entertainment agency Amplify is excited to welcome Michelle Melky as a full-time Creative Producer.  Michelle joins Amplify after producing a number of highly successful online series, podcasts and films. Michelle is a producer with a passion for storytelling and youth culture whose work has been accepted in local and international festivals.  She produced the Melbourne based web series Feedback which delves into the challenges young

Amplify, in collaboration with online gaming multinational EA, has completed a month-long influencer campaign to promote the new Sims Spark’d reality TV show. The Sims Spark’d is an online reality TV competition on Buzzfeed Multiplayer’s YouTube channel that sees top Sims players compete in challenges to win a grand prize of $100,000.  To promote the show, Amplify worked with seven of Australia’s most popular young

What do you get when you combine Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, pop star Jason Derulo, and one of Australia’s biggest online comedians? The answer is - ‘Ridin’ Scomo’ by Alright Hey, a popular new parody music video of Derulo’s ‘Ridin’ Solo’ that’s already clocked up almost a quarter of a million views in just a few days. Australian comedy influencer Alright Hey’s hilarious new Amplify has just completed Australia’s largest TikTok influencer campaign. 31 of Australia’s most popular TikTokers, including the Rybka Twins, Jamie Zhu, Nat Alise, Jefo and Georgia Productions showed off their #DeliveryDance on the platform as part of Menulog’s #DeliveryDance campaign. The campaign saw a staggering 12.7m views in just 5 days, and was the number one trending campaign in Australia on TikTok.  Menulog also encouraged to

From Karen to Gangnam Style, Rebecca Black’s Friday and Evil Kermit, ‘memes’ have shaped the way we understand and collectively interact with the internet. Coined in 1976 by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, cultural ideas or ‘memes’ were no different than genes—concepts that spread themselves from brain to brain as quickly as they could, replicating and mutating as they went.  These memes were bits of cultural