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Positioning HP as the go-to tech brand for Gen-Z through events, content & influencers.

The Brief

HP wanted to popularise themselves as the premier computer brand for Gen-Z.

Our Goals

Amplify deeply integrated HP into our popular Amplify Live events, pushing out integrated content on socials and engaging Tyde Levi as an HP brand ambassador to drive a fanatical audience. To further proliferate HP’s branding, Amplify built and delivered a U.S. based, HP-sponsored interview series that featured some of the world’s most popular creators.

How We Amplified HP

Created a competition that garnered over 2000 video entries Australia
Engaged one of Australia’s biggest influencers – Tyde Levi as the HP Ambassador
Produced over 15 interviews
Activated and integrated HP into #AmplifyLIVE


Engagementon Social Media




Organic ImpressionsAcross Media

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