November 14, 2019, Thursday

The Full On Tour US

Amplify has just wrapped The Full on Tour, a 3 month tour around the USA with some of the world’s most popular influencers and creators. As experts in Content Creators, Amplify proactively identified these influencers as emerging in popularity, creating buzz and hype around their tour.

With shows in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Dallas, The 2019 Full On Tour featured the likes of Tana Mongeau, Trevor Moran, Mario Selman, Danielle Cohn, and Badzach, a powerful group with a combined subscriber base of 10.4m, and 1.2b+ video views.

Unlike traditional YouTube and Creator shows, every ticket sold for Amplify’s Full On Tour not only included access to awesome live shows, but intimate Meet and Greets with the talent, creating a sense of personalisation and connection amongst fans that positioned tickets to the Full On Tour as must-haves.