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What do you get when you combine Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, pop star Jason Derulo, and one of Australia’s biggest online comedians? The answer is - ‘Ridin’ Scomo’ by Alright Hey, a popular new parody music video of Derulo’s ‘Ridin’ Solo’ that’s already clocked up almost a quarter of a million views in just a few days. Australian comedy influencer Alright Hey’s hilarious new

From Karen to Gangnam Style, Rebecca Black’s Friday and Evil Kermit, ‘memes’ have shaped the way we understand and collectively interact with the internet. Coined in 1976 by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, cultural ideas or ‘memes’ were no different than genes—concepts that spread themselves from brain to brain as quickly as they could, replicating and mutating as they went.  These memes were bits of cultural

Youth entertainment agency Amplify is excited to launch AMPT, an exclusive brand of limited release creator merch. Every month, AMPT will release exclusive limited merch from some of Australia’s most popular online influencers.  All AMPT clothing items are limited edition products that are made to order. Earlier this month, AMPT kicked off its merch releases with Sydney local Ben Gerrans’ brand ‘Zealous label’.  Ben kick started his

A new generation is fast becoming young adults.  In 2005, social researcher Mark McCrindle coined the term “Generation Alpha” to identify the group born after Generation Z. A generation defined by unprecedented interconnection, diversity and rapid change.  There are already more than 1.6 million Generation Alpha’s in Australia.  Each week, more than 2.8 million Gen Alpha’s are born globally, and by 2030 they’ll represent 11% of the Australia's leading YouTube and TikTok stars were swamped with more than 1200 questions from hundreds of young people eager to learn the tricks of the trade at the debut of Amplify U.   Being a YouTuber is ranked as the most desired career among young people, but with no real world education options, it's not surprising budding creators jumped at the opportunity to interact with

Amplify has executed one of its largest ever influencer-led campaigns to date for gaming giant EA. Working with more than 8 young creators across YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, Amplify crafted a bespoke campaign to promote Sims 4 and the launch of a new eco pack for the popular game. Creators including YouTube’s Georgia Productions, Grace’s World, Lily Grace and Ben Gerrans, as well as TikTok’s Did you know that being a YouTuber is ranked as the most desired career among young people? Sounds like fun, right? But while it might seem like an easy career choice, there’s a lot more going on behind the small screen that audiences can’t see.  From creating a personal brand, to pre and post production, and growing your online following, learning to stand out from the

In November 2019, Dante Moeller was a typical Aussie school boy finishing year 10 of high school.  Four months later, he has an online following of more than 650,000, accrued more than 20 million likes and is watched by hundreds of thousands of teens everyday.  How? There’s a simple answer. TikTok.  With 1.5 million Australians using the short-form video app every month, a large portion of whom

In this new world of social distancing, more people than ever before are turning to online platforms and social networks to escape the realities of the coronavirus pandemic, stay connected, and keep up to date with trends. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok are full of coronavirus-themed memes which provide some much needed comic relief in this unprecedented time of crisis.  According to influencer marketing

Youth entertainment, events and talent agency Amplify is bolstering its gaming offering by signing a number of popular professional online gamers. Participation in online gaming in Australia has grown by as much as a third in March and April 2020 as more people look for at-home sources of entertainment. Amplify is Asia-Pacific’s leader in youth events, content and talent management, specialising in finding and building