The Sims Spark’d is an online reality TV competition on Buzzfeed Multiplayer’s YouTube channel that sees top Sims players compete in challenges to win a grand prize of $100,000.

To promote the show, Amplify worked with seven of Australia’s most popular young creators, including Lily Grace, Jamie Zhu, Harvey Petito, Dante Moeller, the Rybka Twins, and Ben Gerrans, who have a combined Instagram following of more than 2.8m.

Throughout the four-week campaign, the young Australian influencers created 25 individual pieces of Instagram content. Each creator posted a range of Instagram stories and static posts encouraging their audience to watch the popular Sims Spark’d reality TV show.

So far, the content has gained millions of views and more than 350,000 likes, driving thousands of viewers to the popular YouTube channel.

Amplify partners with EA for month-long Sims Spark’d campaign.

Amplify, in collaboration with online gaming multinational EA, has completed a month-long influencer campaign to promote the new Sims Spark’d reality TV show.

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