Alright Hey’s viral Red Rooster campaign sees 25% increase in brand reach.

It started as a cheeky TikTok, and blew up into one of the most viral TikTok campaigns of the year!

Amplify’s Alright Hey is known for his BIG personality, online comedy and trend-setting content, and when a Red Rooster themed TikTok went viral, his audience couldn’t get enough of his tongue in cheek investigation into the popular fast food chain.

Accusing the Aussie chain of money laundering (using their constantly empty stores as evidence), Alright Hey caught the eye of Red Rooster’s team and was invited by the CEO himself to investigate the head office and stores firsthand. 

The 4 pieces of Red Rooster themed content produced by Alright Hey reached an audience of more than 840,000, gained 142,700 likes, 1700 comments and 2100 shares – figures which were 98% Australian. 

As a result, Red Rooster’s social accounts saw a 25% growth in reach during the campaign, with the brand elevated to the For You pages of almost a million Aussies on TikTok!

See the content here


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