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  -  Amplify Blogs   -  Alright Hey!’s ‘Driving With Ford Australia’ Series Finale

Australia’s Biggest Glamazon has just wrapped up Season 2 of ‘Driving With’, sponsored by Ford Australia. 

Amplify’s Alright Hey! partnered with Ford to create the hilarious 7-part series, driving around the likes of Christian Hull, Georgia Productions, DJ Tigerlily, and HealthyChick101. The series was launched in conjunction with the release of the new Ford Focus Active, and integrates talk of its jam-packed features and leading technology.

Each episode the guests engaged in hilarious conversation and banter, discussing their unique back stories, how they rose to fame, and what the future looks like. Each of Alright Hey!’s seven guests brought a unique and extensive Australian audience, promoting the series on their personal channels to millions of Australians. 

Alright Hey! worked closely with Ford on the creative vision for the series, positioning Ford as a youth-oriented, contemporary car. 

“I loved collaborating creatively with Ford to come up with the concept for the series. It’s become a staple of my channel, and my audience is loving the episodic, high-quality format!” Alright Hey! said. 

The series was shared over YouTube, Facebook Watch and IGTV.

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