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Youth entertainment agency Amplify is excited to launch AMPT, an exclusive brand of limited release creator merch.

Every month, AMPT will release exclusive limited merch from some of Australia’s most popular online influencers. 

All AMPT clothing items are limited edition products that are made to order.

Earlier this month, AMPT kicked off its merch releases with Sydney local Ben Gerrans’ brand ‘Zealous label’. 

Ben kick started his online career when he launched his YouTube channel at the beginning of 2019. Since then, Ben has gained hundreds of thousands followers, worked with numerous major brands, started DJing at popular Sydney venues, and is now extending his talents into designing his own clothing.

The first limited release of the Zealous label sold out in just a few days.

Amplify has been working with TikTok star Nat Alise for the second merch release of AMPT x Nat Alise… keep your eyes open for the next release!

Check out AMPT here:

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