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Did you know that being a YouTuber is ranked as the most desired career among young people?

Sounds like fun, right?

But while it might seem like an easy career choice, there’s a lot more going on behind the small screen that audiences can’t see. 

From creating a personal brand, to pre and post production, and growing your online following, learning to stand out from the online crowd is no easy task.

That’s what has prompted youth entertainment agency Amplify to create Amplify U, an online event featuring some of Australia’s most successful young content creators who are teaching the fundamentals of being popular online. 

Amplify U features online stars including YouTube’s Georgia Productions and Alright Hey!, and TikTok sensations Dante Moeller and Nat Alise, each who have unique stories to tell about how they built their massive online followings. 

The creators will be sharing their own insights about what propelled them to fame, and what keeps them in the online spotlight.

Amplify’s director Alex Reid says the events give young people unprecedented access to learn from their favourite online stars.

“We know that being a YouTuber is a desired profession for many young people, but budding creators really have no way of knowing how to make their dream a reality.” Reid said. 

Twenty year old Georgia Productions, who has more than 1.5 million followers online, posts quirky and relatable content on her YouTube channel which is watched by hundreds of thousands of young people each week. 

“I’m joining some of my favourite creators on Amplify U, giving tips and tricks about how to make it on social media.” Georgia said. 

Online comedian Alright Hey!, whose Facebook videos gain millions of views, said he’s eager to share his story with young people looking to find their voice online.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone who’s interested or always wanted to do social media and YouTube!” Alright Hey! said. 

Making it on YouTube has launched the careers of stars such as Justin Bieber and Australian singer Troye Sivan, who have gone on to experience international fame. 

So with the right tools of the trade, who knows who the next big star might be?

The inaugural event will be held via Zoom Thursday the 14th of May at 4pm (AEST).

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