Amplify’s Casetify campaign #trending on YouTube

Amplify creators Lily Grace and Georgia Productions have partnered with global phone accessory company Casetify for a YouTube integration campaign.

Both Lily and Georgia promoted Casetify in their popular YouTube channels, discussing the features of the cases, the brand’s eco-friendly biodegradable range, and Casetify’s range of customisation options.

Lily’s fun and engaging video was #Trending on YouTube after reaching more than a hundred thousand viewers in a few hours.

Both Georgia and Lily provided unique discount codes to their fans to receive 20% off their very own order.

So far, the campaign has reached more than half a million viewers, and gained tens of thousands of likes and comments.

Check out Lily and Georgia’s content!

Billy Gleeson
Billy Gleeson is the Partnerships Manager for Amplify. He writes about Amplify’s recent campaigns, talent updates, trends in the social landscape, and recent news!
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