Aspiring young creators learn from Australia’s top online stars

Aspiring young creators learn from Australia’s top online stars

Australia’s leading YouTube and TikTok stars were swamped with more than 1200 questions from hundreds of young people eager to learn the tricks of the trade at the debut of Amplify U.

Being a YouTuber is ranked as the most desired career among young people, but with no real world education options, it’s not surprising budding creators jumped at the opportunity to interact with the biggest online stars in Australia.

The Australia-first interactive online event featured top creators including Georgia Productions, Nat Alise, Alright Hey!, Ben Gerrans, Lily Grace, Tom Smallwood and Dante Moeller, who have a combined audience of more than 5 million and were keen to help budding young creators find their voice online.

The event also featured industry leaders including Amplify co-founder and reality TV star Alex Reid, and producer and tech-wiz Kyle David.

Throughout the 90-minute webinar, attendees submitted more than 1200 live questions to their favourite creators who imparted valuable insights and tips to aspiring young creators.

Questions ranging from how the creators got their start online, the best equipment to use, strategies to deal with negativity, and ways to build and sustain a community were asked by budding young creators that were eager to learn from the best in the business.

During Amplify U, single mum and TikTok star Nat Alise spoke about how she aims to show the reality of parenting on TikTok.

‘I really try and show a bit of reality on social media, and maybe help other parents not feel so alone.’ Alise said.

‘I show the everyday struggles of kids and adults…and of course make people laugh at the same time!’ Alise said.

The session also featured interactive polling where attendees could share their social media interests and usage. One poll asked the young attendees which social platform they spent the most time on, with 40% indicating TikTok, 39% YouTube, 16% Instagram and 5% Snapchat.

After the event, fans took to social media to share their elation about getting the chance to interact with and learn from their favourite online stars.

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Billy Gleeson
Billy Gleeson is the Partnerships Manager for Amplify. He writes about Amplify’s recent campaigns, talent updates, trends in the social landscape, and recent news!
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