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What do you get when you combine Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, pop star Jason Derulo, and one of Australia’s biggest online comedians?

The answer is – ‘Ridin’ Scomo’ by Alright Hey, a popular new parody music video of Derulo’s ‘Ridin’ Solo’ that’s already clocked up almost a quarter of a million views in just a few days.

Australian comedy influencer Alright Hey’s hilarious new song, directed by Amplify co-founder Alex Reid, gently pokes fun at the millions of people on JobSeeker payments.

The share-worthy video features the popular Facebook star twerking outside Canberra Parliament House, thanking ‘Scotty from Marketing’ for his newfound wealth.

The Aussie star Alright Hey! gives a shout out to how the PM handled the pandemic, with lyrics like ‘Scomo got his sh*t together, cos no one’s got their sh*t together’.‘

Alright Hey said he wrote the song to make people laugh during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Ridin’ Scomo is for all the people out there raking it in from Scomo,” Alright Hey said.

“The response from fans has been awesome with people definitely relating to what we’re saying.”

The highly produced video has already gained thousands of likes, shares and comments across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Some fans have described the parody as ‘iconic’ and ‘the most relatable song of 2020’.

‘This is a stroke of genius … exactly what we need today,” his fans said.

Ridin’ Scomo is available on YouTube, Facebook and Spotify

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